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This is the earthquake of 1994. In 30 seconds it was allready 6.7 on the ricktor scale.
At least 3 freeways were destroyed. 60,000 homes and buildings were destroyed. 7,000 people were injured and 57 died.
The waves reached up to Las Vegas, Bakersfield, and San Fernando valley.

Most Earthquakes are caused by Plate Tectonics. The earth's crust consists of a number of sections or plates that float on molten rock of the mantle. These plates move on convection currents caused by heat rising from the center of the earth. The hot magma rises and spreads out on the surface, creating the new crust. The crust spreads out forming a new plate until it meets another plate. One of the plates will be pushed down into the interior of the earth and reabsorbed into the mantle. Plates can also be compressed to push up mountains when they collide or move sideways along transform faults. - Aquakinistic Aquakinistic May 17, 2007 Andrew per.3

All sorts of things can happen after an earthquake. Land slides, and tsunamis are just examples of the damage.