Rain-Forest-800.jpgThe rainforest climet are hot,wet,humid,andmoist.The weather there are very wet.It nickname is the lungs of the earth.Emily Cardenas.- eac032 eac032 Apr 7, 2008


The rainforest climate is humid and rainy.The average rqinfall is about 250cm per year and the averagetempurture 77 degrees fahrenhiet. The weather helps alot of plants to live in the rainforest.
Jacklyn Baltazar

The climate in the rainforest is very humid. Humid means moist. It is humid because there is a lot of water in the air. It is very warm and sticky. There is so much rainfall in the rainforest therefore it is filled with plants. Even when it rains it is hot because it is so humid.

- Peter316 Peter316 Mar 26, 2008The climate in the rain forest is usually humid and rainy.(rain forest) It hot temperature can support tropical and lots of plants. It is also very sticky because it is so hot. But animals there have thin fur to survive the heat. Most rain forest is near the
equator so it is hot
Near the equator rainforest_map.gifexternal image queets_rain_forest_t0431.jpg This is a picture of the tropical rainforest which has waterfalls and ponds that is one of the reasons it's so moist. It is filled with small shrubs and moss covered trees.

THe rainforest's climate is kinda like rainy. It's rainy because it rains a lot in rainforests. In other words, it is moist. Another reason it is so moist is because near the equator is where there are waterfalls and ponds. Most rainforests are located near the equator. They are quite the water type forests.
Rainforest-Waterfall-Walls-of-Jerusalem-National-Park-Tasmania-Australia-Framed-Photographic-Print-C12795513.jpg- Missasiah Missasiah Apr 6, 2008


While going through the rainforest its a very humid and wet place because of the average rainfall which is about 250cm per year. The rainforest has lot of rain because it is very hot and wet. This kind of climate is found at the equator. This means that more sunlight hitting the land and sea than any where else. The average tempeture of a rainforest is about 77degrees fahrenheit. This tempeture mostly stays all year round but can drop down to 64degrees fahrenheit. The more solar radiation there is the more hotter the rainforest will get.
- axb077 axb077 Mar 31, 2008external image 040_Rainforests_2.jpg

The average temperature of a rain forest is about 77° F. The rain forest is about the same temperature year round. The temperature never drops below 64° F. Rain forests are so hot because they are found near the equator. The closer to the equator you are, the more heat there is. The more heat there is, the higher the temperature . Rain forest are never found in climates which have temperatures 32° Fahrenheit and below because the plant life will not be able to live because they aren't adapted to frost. All the plants will die out if the rain forest is cooler.- ahk065 ahk065 Mar 27, 2008


The climate in the rain forest is usually warm. It does rain so sometimes it is cold. This happens because most rain forests are near the equator. That is where it is sunny. It always has the same temperature.hi-58.jpg
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The climate in the rain forest is really humid and sometimes arid. So when you are walking in the rain forest and it is hot and humid at the same time you will be very frustrated. When it rains all the leaves will be dripping with water. Also the climate can be temperate. When I say temperate I mean that it is mild, so it is not hot or cold. That is the climate in the rain forest.- amt095 amt095 Mar 30, 2008
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In the rainforest it getes a lot of rain and it is humid. There is a lot of plants because of the rainfall. That is why it is called a rainforest. Different animals live in the rainforest because other animals can't adapt to the environment. The rainforest can get really hot because it is so humid.
- mac072 mac072 Mar 31, 2008external image rainforest-costa-rica-trail.jpg

The climate of the rain forest is rain and humitiy. Why? Well it is always raining even though sometimes the sun appears. At night the weather is chilly; not too cold or too hot. This kind of climate helps the animals living there survive. Even though the rain might seem a little unconvient (sometimes), it can mostly hlp with the growth of trees and plants. -Alexa Aburto-

- cxf025 cxf025 Mar 31, 2008
Heather Cornea 3/31/08 7:43

The climate in the rain forest in rainy and also humid. It can even rain when the sun is out. When it is dark out-side it is still cold or maybe it can be hot too. That weather helps the plants grow and it is also comfortable to the animals to live in that situation. The weather on the forest is crazy and it can change in one second and you will not see the difference between that.external image rainforest-2.jpg

- cxf025 cxf025 Mar 31, 2008Oceanic-west-rainforest-canada.jpg

The climate in the Rainforest is very moist.There is a lot of rainfall in the Rainforest. The weather can help the plants grow and is also comfortable for the animals as well. Animals in the rainforest depends on the clomate as well. This is the climate of the Rainforest. - fti115 fti115 Mar 31, 2008 external image rainforest-2.jpg- axc106 axc106 Mar 31, 2008 The rainforest has a very unique climate. It is very sticky. It is sticky because it is humid. It is humid because it is close to the equator. It gets a lot of rainfall.

The climate of the rainforest is very humid, making it very stick and sweaty. If you went to the rainforest you would be very annoyed by the flies and sweat. But it has a lot of beauty making it all worth wile. It gets a lot of water. - avs082 avs082 Mar 31, 2008

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In the rainforest the climate is very humid. The rainforest gets about 9 feet of rain each year. The rainforest is very humid and rainy because it is very hot and wet. The rain in the rainforest helps the plants grow. If you go to the rainforest you may like it and you may not.[mje092]

The rainforest has a climate of hot and wet. 250 centimeters of rain drop per year. The average temperature for a rainforest is 77 degrees. It never drops below 64 degrees. The rain forest is a hot place to live in.

external image Hoh%20Rainforest,%20Olympic%20National%20Park,%20Washington.jpg

The climate of the rain forest is cold and sometimes humid. In the rain forest it rains a lot. The rain forest is really moist most of the time.
When it is humid it is usually raining. This is the climate of the rain forest.- dxd066 dxd066 Apr 1, 2008rain-forest-sinharaja--rain-forest-sinharaja-1.jpg

In the rainforest the average rainfall is about 250 cm per year. In the rainforest it is very humid because of all the rainfall. Because of tall the rainfall more plants can grow big and strong. The air there is very warm and that causes more water vapor. Because of all of the rainfall the temperature is about 15 to 25 degrees.- ard027 ard027 Apr 1, 2008rainforest2.jpg

The rainforest climate is diffrent from some of the other biomes because it does get alot of rain and the rain comes almost everyday. The rain in the rainforest creats little water holes and the animals that live in the rainforest do enjoy the water. The animals in the rainforest do like the rainforest and do adapt to it. - dogblackylover dogblackylover Apr 2, 2008

Climate: The weather in the Tropical Rainforest is very humid. There are many animals that have adapted to the weather in the Tropical Rainforest. It is very humid in the Tropical Rainforest because of all the rainfall it gets per year about 250 cm. After it rains it is very moist and the temperature is above 18 degrees Celsius. There is hardly any sunlight in the Tropical Rainforest. The animals have adapted to having very little bit of sunlight.

The climate in the forest is sometimes cold and sometimes hot. It can get up to 90 degrees and drop to 72 degrees. The rainforest gets up to 95 inches of rain or more per year. It can get really hot in the rainforest and sometimes it can get kind of cold.There is so much rain and sun that is why there is so much vegetation.

The climate in the rainforest is very hot. It also rains alot but it is mostly sunny. The rainforest gets up to 90 degrees and the coldest it gets is 70 degrees. The rainforest gets up to 95 inches of rain a year. It gets really hot in the summer and at night it might get cold.

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- agg064 agg064 Apr 4, 2008
The climate in a rainforest is tropical. It is tropical because it is on the rainforest or near it. It can get alot of rain in the year. It has 3 levels. It can get foggy in winters.

The climate in the rain forest is very warm and it rains a lot . he climate is always very humid because of all the water in the air. Some times it is very cool
and sunny at the same time . The animals that live in the rain forest have adapted to this weather.

- emf048 emf048 Apr 7, 2008The Climate of the Rainforest:

Some times the Climate is very humid in the Rainforest.The rainforest gets alot of rain because it is a very dry and wet area.

The climate in the Tropical Rainforest is very wet and humid. And in the summer it can get kind of hot and wet at the same time.

The rain forest is very warm and it is always very rainny and it always humid. The animals that live in the rain forest have adapted to the climate and have learned how to take care of it .Rain forrests are located in the middle of ther world close to the equator that is why it is always very warm.

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The climate of the Rain Forest is humid and hot. It doesn't rain there much but when it does it rains a lot. When it is raining it may also be hot. There are many plants growing there because when it rains it rains a lot. That is the climate of the Rain Forest.- BIGA005 BIGA005 Apr 22, 2008

The climate of the rainforest would be warm at the top of the rainforest and cold at the bottom because none of the sun ever gets to the bottom, well rarely it does. The climate can range from about 50-90 degrees. The coldest days would probably be the days that it rains which is probably each day, week, or month. [- coolo044 coolo044 May 1, 2008]
external image KCH%20Sarawak%20-%20Bako%20National%20Park%20-%20Tropical%20rainforest2%201_b.jpg

The climate in the rain forest is usually humid because of all the rain that falls and the latitude range for rain forest climate is 15° to 25° North and South of the equator.The average temperature of a rain forest is about 77° Fahrenheit. In equatorial regions the climate is hot and wet throughout the year. The average monthly temperature is about 80-82 degrees, and it rains almost every day. This climate results in the most abundant plant and animal growth in the world: equatorial forests contain 40 % of all species.

The climate in the Rain Forest is very humid and warm. There is usually no rain but sometimes it does rain a lot, it is very unusual because when it is raining it could be hot at the same time. Some plants can not grow due to such severe weather. The temperature ranges from 20 degrees C to 25 degrees C. After or before that it rains it gets very foggy. Andy Guzman


In the rainforest the climate is petty funky, because there can be hummidity,rain, hottness, or even coldness in one season!! The animals in the rainforest get really wild because they don't know if its going to be hot or cold. They need to know if its hot or cold because if it has fur hen it could be shedding hair and it could be very cold and if it stay like that for a long period of time those animals that just shedded hair could get really sick and then it could die out there. In the forest it could rain up to 5 inches a year!!The animals have to find shelter for when its cold, hot, or for when it rains. - axr044a axr044a queets_rain_forest_t0431.jpg