- SpoiledBrat103 SpoiledBrat103 Apr 22, 2008In the rain forest it is sort of rocky. There is a lot of grass. There are also a lot of trees. The trees are very tall. They are very tall so all of their leaves together form the top part of the rainforest called the canopy. It has a lot of moss.


The geography of the Rain Forest is mostly grassy. The Rain Forest has many trees and plants. The trees have roots that spread along the forest floor. The top of the trees make a canopy in the Rain Forest. That's the geography of the Rain Forest.- BIGA005 BIGA005 Apr 21, 2008

The goegrahpy of the rain forest is flat,has hills,mountans, flowers,plants, waterfalls, rocks, trees and good soil.It is rocky and has a jungle like look.And it is humid there.Emily Cardenas.- eac032 eac032 Apr 8, 2008



The rainforest goegraphy is moss, shrubs, trees, grass, flowers, rocks. and heathly soil.There ismountains and hills in rainforest. There is also alot of diffrent kinds of plants in the rainforest.
Jacklyn Baltazar

The Geography of the Rain Forest

The geography of the rain forest is moss, rocks, trees,healthy soil, and grass. Also the geography of the rain forest might have trees, vines, and many types of different plants.The geography in the rain forest is usually rocky and covers mountains.Geography in the rainforest are mostly forests, woods, and grassland.

- Peter316 Peter316 Mar 26, 2008The rain forest has a rich geography. It has moss, bushes , trees, and multiple types of grass. It has red moss, green moss, and many other types. It also has rocks. All these elements make the rain forest unique in it's own way.50467570.JPG- Peter316 Peter316 Mar 26, 2008 external image rainforest_Congo_FAO.jpg The rainforest has a lot of plants. There are a lot of trees. There are also some shrubs and patches of moss. There are a lot of bodies of water. There are water falls and ponds. - axc106 axc106 Mar 26, 2008

- cxf025 cxf025 Mar 29, 2008
Heather Cornea 3/28/08 9:00

[Well the geography of the rain forest is trees, soil, grass, rocks, and ex. The rain forest is beautiful and has many diffderent types of plants growing and also living there. In the rain forest there are hills and it is a healthy enviorment for the animals and for the plants. It also has rocks and moss too. There are many bodies of water in the rain forest. The rain forest is loosing its trees by people cutting them down. People don't know how important the rain forest is to us and to our enviorment. The rain forest is a special part of our lives.] external image rainforest.jpg

The geography in the rain forest is trees, plants, rocks, soil, animals, and lots of leaves.The leaves come from the trees. Plus almost all the area is covered with trees. There are logs and tree trunks all over the ground because the sometimes fall when it is really cold outside. Plus if you try to walk in the rain forest all that would happen to you is that you will be walking under leaves that are able to touch your head because the leaves are really low.- amt095 amt095 Mar 30, 2008
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The geography in the rain forest is rocky and there are a lot of trees and plants.The plants that grow from th rainforest are sometimes poisonous.Most of the rain forest is covered in trees.if you were able to walk in the rain forest there would be a lot of waterfalls trees and much more.This is the geography of the rainforest.moz-screenshot.jpg
- dxd066 dxd066 Mar 31, 2008
the rainforest

The rainforest is a wet and humid place. There are a lot of plants and trees that live there. Plus there are a lot of animals. The reason why all these plants grow is because there is rich soil. Plus the climate is wet which keeps the plants going strong.
- axb077 axb077 Mar 31, 2008external image rainforest2.jpg

In the rainforest there are many trees and there is a lot of rain. There are many riveres and streams. The ground is covered in rich soil. It is hard to walk in rainforests because the ground is really rocky. The reason why there are a lot of trees and plants is because there is alot of rain and sunlight.
external image Clim1-1.jpgThe geography of the rain forest is quite natural. There are all these kinds of flowers, trees, bushes and plants. Sometimes it can rain so much the paths are blocked. Talking about paths they are all bumpy and have lot of rocks. But thanks to the rain and sun that hits the rain forest the plants and the trees grow more and higher. The rain forest sure has it's perks. -Alexa Aburto-

The geography of the rainforest has many trees, vines, and rocks.The trees are very important because it provides shelter for the animals. The vines help the monkeys move from place to place. The reason why there are lots of trees and sunlight is because there is alot of rain and sunlight. Veetation is reall important.- fti115 fti115 Mar 31, 2008594340-Rainforest-0.jpg The rainforest has a lot of planta. It also has bodies of water. The rainforest has waterfalls. It has alot of shrubs. And there are moss covered trees.external image rainforest-2.jpg - axc106 axc106 Mar 31, 2008

There are lots of weird shaped mountains and other stuff in the rainforest. It has very random terrain that makes it
unpredictable. There are many streams that run though it. There can be different types of ground like quick sand that sinks you in.- avs082 avs082 Mar 31, 2008
external image rainforest.jpg

The geography of the rainforest is a lot of different plants, lots of trees, and lots of mountains. It has a lot of rivers, oasis, and ponds. There are also a lot of waterfalls. Because the rainforest gets a lot of rain and water, a lot of different plants grow a lot more and the rivers start to fill up. Also, the waterfalls start to fill up, too. The rainforest is a beautiful place and has a lot of geography.
Rain-Forest-800.jpg- Missasiah Missasiah Apr 6, 2008

- dns090 dns090 Apr 1, 2008The geography of the rain forest can have plenty of mountains. It may have a lot of river, oasis, ponds, and waterfalls. Since rain pours down a lot in the rain forest, there is a lot of water. The plants are green and wet.The ground may be moist on areas.- dns090 dns090 Apr 1, 2008

- lxm026 lxm026 Apr 1, 2008The geography in the rain forest is would be alot of trees. There are many lakes and water falls.There is many vegitation. There is a lot of green grass.There are many rocks covered with grass and plants. There are also many beytiful flowers.- lxm026 lxm026 Apr 1, 2008

The geography of the rainforest is a lot of beautiful trees and plants. The trees in rainforests are humongous. There are also many rivers and streams. There are also some beautiful waterfalls but they are not that big. It is hard to walk in rainforests because the groung has a lot of bumps and rocks.
- mac072 mac072 Apr 1, 2008

In the Rainforest there beautiful waterfalls that were formed over lots of erosion. In one rainforest there is one of the world's biggest waterfall.Most waterfalls there are as big as 20 ft high. Some waterfalls have created rivers and lakes. the waterfalls make plants have more water and food. The waterfalls also make more precipitation happen because there are more water there that evaporates.- ard027 ard027 Apr 1, 2008
Rainforest-Waterfall-Walls-of-Jerusalem-National-Park-Tasmania-Australia-Framed-Photographic-Print-C12795513.jpgThe geography of the rain forest is in places that don,t recive a lot of rain fall. The
rain forest is mostly flat and grassy. The rain forest has some hills in it but not a lot. The rain forest is very humid. That is the rain forest.


rain forrest geography

the rain forrest is really green there is alot of tall trees and there as also alot of moss and little bushes .the rain forrest has alot of beutifull
water falls so there is plenty of water to feed the plants in the rain forrest
external image queets_rain_forest_t0431.jpg
- andrea35 andrea35 Apr 2, 2008

The rainforest geograpgy is the study of that biome like the rain forest. The rainforest is a place with allot of trees and the biome is filled with tropical animals. The rain forest is almost always wet because of the rain that falls during the day. The rain forest gets more than 74% of rain and the animals like it. Thats the geography of the rain forest. - dogblackylover dogblackylover Apr 2, 2008


The geography of the rainforest is hot and rains alot. There are many and they are covered in moss. There are also many plants that can be found in the rainforest. There are many animals in there to and amny animals that havent been discoverd too. The rainforest is a very coloful place and has many thing to find in it.external image p113357-Barbados-Joes_River_Rainforest.jpg
The geography for the rain forest is grassy and rock. There are many trees, rocky, flowers, and much more. Animals also live there.
There are waterfalls and small rivers.- axf075 axf075 Apr 3, 2008

The geography is in Asia I think. Most rainforests are near the equator. The equator gets the most rainfall each year. Usually the animals have to find shelter or they just hide under trees beacause of the rain. Not many people live in the rainforests.


- agg064 agg064 Apr 4, 2008
The geography is very tropical. It has many plant and animals. Alot of medicans come from the plants that are their.There mite be a cure for asma in there, somewere. If you look at the rainforest from sky you only see green.

The geography of the Rain Forest is grassy,has a lot of trees, and could be flat or lumpy. What I mean by lumpy I mean that the tree roots are sticking out an the ground (whitch is normal) and all the plants that grow up from the ground. The Rain Forest is filled with animals and plants. The Rain Forest is

The rainforest's geography would have kind of bumpy land because of the plants and trees that grow all the time. The geography of the rainforest could also be flat. The geography is made of fallen trees too. The last geography that I know that the rainforest has is that the geography might have some up and down slopes.
external image Rain_Forest_Cairns_Queensland_Australia.jpg

The geography of the Tropical Rain forest is the grass and the rocks. And also the trees and the flowers. And also the rain forest might have down slopes. external image p113357-Barbados-Joes_River_Rainforest.jpg

rain_forest.jpgThe geography of the Tropical Rain Forest is the grass and the rocks. And also the trees and the flowers. And also the Rain Forest might have down slpoes. I think that there is no up slopes. That is the geography of the rain forest.- mee039 mee039 Apr 8, 2008

- ejs036 ejs036 Apr 28, 2008 The geography in the rain fores is very interesting. There are many large rivers and small streams that are in the rain forest. One example of a river in a rain forest is the amazon river. There are also alot of slopes and hills in rain forests. There are also some ponds and lakes located in the rain forest.

The geography of the rainforest would be green because of the plants and trees. The geography also would have slopes due to the
rain or growing plants. The rainforest's geography is flat and is probably mainly made of trees, plants, water, animals, and so on.
external image rainforest_el_yunque.jpg[- coolo044 coolo044 May 1, 2008]

Some of the large areas have been cleared for cattle ranching and for sugar cane plantations. Like other major rainforest's, the jungles and mangrove swamps of Central America contain many plants and animals found nowhere else. Central America forest is famous for its large tropical birds, including many kinds of parrots.The tropical rain forest is a forest of tall trees in a region of year-round warmth. the average of rain that fall is 50 to 260 inches (125 to 660 cm.) of rain falls yearly. Each rain forest has many species of monkeys .It is rocky and humis like you read it rains a lot yearly.300px-Rainforest_Fatu_Hiva.jpg Jennifer Tapia

The geography in the Tropical Rain Forest is that there is lots of trees and lots of plants grass. And also there is lots of animals that live in the like monkeys,birds,parrots. Sometimes there can be snakes during certain periods of the year. Many Rainforest's have a lot of different types of trees that grow there. Some Rainforests have downslopes due to the rain or growing plants that are there. Andy Guzman


In the rainforest the geography are trees, vines, waterfalls, and many more. If the rain forest didn't have any of those then whee would the animals from the junglt live or what would they eat. They need the waterfall so then they can drink at least something but its kinda bad for tem because it is salt water and you are not supose to eat or drink salt because it is very bad for you and that is what the animals in the forest are doing they are drinking salt water. well for some of them its bad but mos of them could die from it. - axr044a axr044a fern-tile-alien1.jpg