The vegetion there are grass, trees,plants,fruits, bugs,animals,and flowers.All that you can see there are green helthy grass.And the soil is very healthy.Emily Cardenas.- eac032 eac032 Apr 7, 2008Rain-Forest-800.jpg

hi10.jpgThe vegitation of the rainforest grass, trees, shrubs, plants flowers, fruits, and insects. You touch all of the plants though bevause some of the lants are very poisonous.The waterfalls help all of the plants grow and so does the heathly soil. Jacklyn Baltazar

The rain forest is full of green plants. In some rain forests there are very large leaves. It is a very humid place to be. It rains a lot. that is why it is called a rain forest. there can also be waterfalls in some rain forests. - SpoiledBrat103 SpoiledBrat103 Mar 26, 2008
- mxd041a mxd041a Mar 26, 2008VEGETATION FOR RAINFOREST
The vegetation of a Rainforest are trees and also rain.There are a lot of green plants in a Rainforest.It is a very peacefull place to be.It is always wet there.Water flows down,like a waterfall.Its plants make it stand out.
- mxd041a mxd041a Mar 26, 2008rain_forest.jpg

- emf048 emf048 Mar 27, 2008The Vegetaion Of The Rainforest:

The Rainforest vegetation are trees and also rain. In the rainforest has alot of green plants there. There are alot of water falls there. In the rainforest there are alot of tall trees and alot of mountains, too
rain_forest_streams_t0407.jpg- emf048 emf048 Mar 27, 2008

The rainforest vegetation is trees that are coverd with mose and it rains alot so many plants and trees grow. There is alos many waterfalls that are yet to be discoverd. There is also lots of mountians that surround the rainforest.external image rain_forest11024x768.jpg
external image rainforest_el_yunque.jpg The vegetation of the rainforest is a lot of plants. There are waterfalls in the rainforest also. It is also very very moist. That is because it rains all of the time. There are moss covered trees and little shrubs everywhere. - axc106 axc106 Mar 31, 2008

The vegetation for the rain forest are the trees, plants, shrubs, flowers and much more. There are lots of plants and moss on the ground mixed with soil. Plus the plants under water are getting mixed because of the waterfalls. The trees and plants are kind of what you see here but not all of them are. The rain forest has poisonous plants of plants that do not exist in where we live. So watch out for what you see.- amt095 amt095 Mar 30, 2008

external image
external image

The vegetation of the rainforest is bushes, trees, and plants. There are all types of different plants there. There are probably even some cures for illnesses. There is a lot of dangers there, too. There is probably poison ivy there. There is probably cures for cancer there. You never know what's there. Because there is so many different types of plants there. It's like a gallery of plants there.
rainforest-2-1.jpg- Missasiah Missasiah Apr 6, 2008

There are a lot of plants in the rainforests. The reason for this is because the soil in the rainforest is rich. Plus there air is humid and wet where the plants can get their water and nutrients. Since there are layers in the rainforest, the top layer of plants get more sunlight. As the layers go down the less they get sunlight. Mostly all these plants get to grow in the rainforest. - axb077 axb077 Mar 31, 2008
external image Canopy2.jpg

The vegetation of the rain forest is mostly plants and trees. Animals eat different types of plants each day but it's no problem because there are a lot of plants repeated more than once. These plants can produce more because of the sunlight the rain forest gives them. They each get sunlight and rain that drops everyday making the plants grow better, faster, and stronger. The animals enjoy this and eat more of it, also good for them. -Alexa Aburto-

- cxf025 cxf025 Mar 31, 2008
Heather Cornea 3/31/08 7:53

The vegitation of the rainforest is plants and trees. Each plant is liked by a different animal. (There is a lot of plants such as over 100 types!) Since the weather is different it is helpful because it is mostly sunny and that it rains a lot there. That makes the plant grow faster and so that the aniaml can enjoy it too.

external image rmc_dryrainf1.jpg

- cxf025 cxf025 Mar 31, 2008

The vegetation in the Rainforest is trees,vines, flowers, and, soil. The trees is very important because it provides the animals shelter. Vines help the monkeys move from place to place. Flowers in the Rainforest helps make it more beautiful. Soil helps more plants grow. - fti115 fti115 Mar 31, 2008


There is so much vegetation in the rainforest. The rainforest is a very rich place with lots of plants, animals, and trees. The trees fall and die and turn into a natural faradizer for other small trees growing. Creating more after they die and become fertilizer. - avs082 avs082 Mar 31, 2008
external image g_me_r_2.gif

- dns090 dns090 Apr 1, 2008The vegetation of the rain forest can include bushes, coconut trees, and many more. Since there were a lot of cures that were discovered in the forest. They say there is a cure for everything in the rain forest. The plants can be for food, cures, treatments, or shelter. The animals survive on the vegetation in the rain forest.- dns090 dns090 Apr 1, 2008

The vegetation of the rainforest is bushes, trees and plants. There are all different types
e vegetation of the rain forest has bushes, trees, and plants. There are a lot of cures for illnesses for example maybe cancer. The trees and plants have natural remedies to cure people and animals.- dxd066 dxd066 Apr 1, 2008

Most of the rainforest is covered in trees and plants. There are many plants and are in many different colors and sizes. There are so many trees and plants because they get so much rainfall. There are also many plants and trees because there is a lot of sunlight. There are also many different types of berries.
- mac072 mac072 Apr 1, 2008


The rain forest vegetation is the plants that are there like the trees and the diffrent plants that are there. The vegetation in the rain forest is also what the animals eat like the insects and some of the animals that eat meat. In the rainforest they do have allot of trees and allot of plants that animals do eat and they also protect from rain. - dogblackylover dogblackylover Apr 2, 2008


The vegetation in the rainforest is that there are lots of plants there but there is one that I picked. The plant I picked is called the Bengal Bamboo. This plant is found in the biome of the Southeast Asian rainforest. This plant often grows an undergrowth. This
plant can grow up to 40 ft. and 80 ft in height. This plant is about 3 inches thick. - ard027 Apr 1, 2008 10:34 am

Vegetation: The vegetation of the Tropical Rainforest is very unusual. There are many plants that have not yet been discovered by scientists. Some of the plants in the Tropical are: the hibiscus, Auguste Ferrier, etc. Some are poisonous and some are dangerous because they may contain many bad bacterias. Most of the flowers are pretty but some of them
are really bad to touch.

The vegitation of the Rain Forest is mostly filled with trees, plants growing from the ground, and vines. There's so many trees that

There is so much vegetation in the rainforest. There are trees,fruit,grass, ferns, orchids, palm trees, moss, fungi,and flowers. The animals feed off of the trees, grass, and flowers.There is so much vegetation because of the rain and sun. There is also bacteria like fungi and moss.


The vegetaion of the rainforest is trees and flowers. There are different vegetations in the rainforest. Another plant that is most common is moss. There are also trees that have fruit and grass that all over the ground. The insects feed of the grass for food and other nutrints.external image Lake%20Tarawera-rainforest.jpg

- agg064 agg064 Apr 4, 2008
The vegetation in a tropical rainforest are mostly trees.It has trees almostor taller than a biulding. In the bottom flour are dead plants. Also mushrooms. In the trees they are homes for alot of animals.

The vegetation of the rain forest is at an extremely high level of trees, shrubs, bushes, and some types of flowers. And of course, all of that comes from all of the warmth, humidity, and rain. Why do you think it's called a "rain" "forest"?! It should all immediately make sense to everyone.
- ahk065 ahk065 Apr 7, 2008

The rainforest has very tropical places and some wild animals. It is a place with a lot of rain and that is why it is called a rainforest. In the rainforest it is all rain and sunshine. The vegetation are trees and vines and some plants. Like i said the rain forest is a very topiocal place.- a-rod13 a-rod13 Apr 8, 2008

The vegetation of the Tropical Rainforest is the trees and the dead plants. Also some of the vegetation in the Tropical Rainforest are the rain and the sun.

The vegetation of the rain forest is filled with tall green trees and there is vines every where. There is all kinds of trees the rain forrest plays a big part in our ecosystem it covers about 7%of the earth . Rain forest holds about 50% of all the plant in the world . the rain forrest holds alot of trees and it has alot of fungi vacteria ,and very bad soil because of all the humidity all around.

external image Botanical-gardens-5-rainforest.jpg

- andrea35 andrea35 Apr 7, 2008

The vegitation of the
The vegetation of the Rainforest is that theirs a lot of trees that it blocks some sunlight!! The soil is very poor in the rainforest!! The fungus get the nutrients for the soil by taking down dead leaves nutrients!! It even home of million of spicies. The rainforest has 50% of trees from the world and it has tall and shady trees!!By Richard EscobarRainforest%20Daintreerainforest-2-1.jpg

The vegetation of the rainforest is trees, bushes, berries, and moss. The trees' leaves are eaten by the deer and also are the bushes. Sometimes the deer eat the berries and mostly eaten by bears. Moss is sometimes eaten by little animals like rabbits.

external image Camu_Berries.jpg external image rainforest2.jpg external image Rainforest.jpg

The vegetation of the rain forest is trees, grass, vines, and many more. There are so many trees in the Rain Forest that it covers the sky. There are also plants that cover the ground of the floor. The vines are mostly hanging from the trees. Sometimes monkeys hang and swing from the vines. That's the vegitation of the rainforest.- BIGA005 BIGA005 Apr 22, 2008

- ejs036 ejs036 Apr 28, 2008 There are many different types of plants that live in the rein forest. One type of plant that lives in the rain forest is the fern. there are also many different types of trees that live in the rain forest. some of the tallest trees in the world live in the rain forest. there are also many poisonous plants and flowers that live in the rain forest.

The rainforest has many different types of vegetation like the trees that are found in Rainforests, the fruits from trees, and maybe the
plants that are found on the ground. The rainforest has mushrooms which could be a vegetation if they aren't poisoness. Animals or bugs that

are found in the rainforests might eat orchids or even strangler figs.[- coolo044 coolo044 May 1, 2008]
external image flower_popup.gif

The vegetation in the rain forest is beautiful flowers and weird animals. This includes Selva and Canopy.there are flowers and plants that could heal illness. and there is fruits,and vegetation.there is animals so you could kill and then eat.- jxt030 jxt030 May 23, 2008jennifer tapiatobago1.jpg

The vegetation in the rain forest is mostly the plants and dead animals. There are many flowers and other types of plants that adapted to the weather . And since most of the plants have unusual animals that live inside them. There are trees to block sunlight so the plants can live.


In the rain forest the vegetation ar trees, vines, waterfalls, fruit, and river. Those are imortant to the animals because thats either there home or there food. The animals really depend on these things because then They won't have any food or any shelter to be in for the winter. I the animals don't have food then they just have to hunt one another. - axr044a axr044a keel-billed_toucan.jpg