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This is a picture of a tsunami. There is probably more than 120,00 people in this tsunami.
This tsunami looks like it is coming down hard on all of these people. This happend about 2-4 years ago.
That is what happend in this picture.
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In this picture people are trying to get on top of cars to try to get safe. It look like they are at the end of the tsunami.
This doesn't look as bad as the first one. This one is in a little town. This is what happens in this picture.
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One tsunami that just happened a few years a go is the Indonesian tsunami at 2004. About 150,000 people had died from that tsunami.
Probably a volcano had caused this type of tsunami that was reallystrong. The magnitude of the eathquake was 9.3 that was a really a
srong one. That was the second strongest earthquake. The total damage was about five billion total for recovery of all the homes and
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The climate at a tsunami would cause it to have a flood, a cold weather by the coldness of the water from the ocean. Most people would be really cold because they had lost most of their stuff. The tsuami could cause people to be very cold by the cold weather and
also by the temperature of the weather.

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Before a tsunami there would not be a lot of damage but a lot of people would get into shelter and they would get prepared for the danger. Tsunami's are caused by earthquakes that start to form at the water and it hits the land. Most people can tell when a tsunami would happen. When it hits the land it could cause a major flood and a lot of buildings would get damaged.

The climate of a tsunami happening is the place starts to flood and there would be major damages at the cities. Many people die by drowning and they can get caught by objects that are really big. There has been a tsunami not so long agocalled the Indonesia Tsunami it was a major one. Most of the towns and buildings would be destroyed and a lot of people would have lost everything.- clarisrivera clarisrivera May 11, 2007 effects- claris

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Tsunami History
Tusnamis can accure all over the world.Most accure on the lands that are on the boarders of the ocean. Many tsunamis have distroyed Hawaii, and many people have died from this natural disaster. The tsunami has distroyed many homes and even sweped it away into the sea. Usually when a tsunami is happening people would climb up a mountain beacause they know that the water would harm them. Also many people have survived.
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Effect of tsunami
What happens affter a tsunami acurs?? Well after water strokes the lands look at the landscape. So many homes have been distroyed and some people have died. They may have drowned in the wave or the wave may have just swept the people away. Everything is wet and you may see your stuff all over the land. Mother Nature doesnt do tsunamis on perpose it just happens natruly. So please dont blame nature.
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Cause of Tsunami
Tsunami's!! What is a tsunami? Many people ask thatquestion. Well a tsunami is a natural disaster that is caused by earthquakes. The earth sakes under water and that causes a the water to move upwoed. Since land is on the boarders of the ocean, the water goes onto the land. Since the water is going very fast it distroys things on its way.
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Tsunami Weather
Well during a tsunami there is a surtain temperature in the air. Its is usually the sam ea s normal but a slitty bit colder. Its happens so fast u barley have any time to notice teh differences in the weather. Its funny how people would say the weather changes so suddenly when they dont even know the facts. Well since tsunamis happen so fast it is very windy because then waves move cause the winds and makes them bigger.
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