Causes for Avalanches.

Snow avalanches occur for various reasons. They can occur when the load on the upper snow layers exceeds the bonding force of a mass of snow (which bonds the layer beneath, horizontal internal stability,support from anchors such as rocks and tress, stress support from top or bottom of the slope. A low timber line will exaggerate the threat because trees help hold snow in place and snow it down once it begin to move. - I_Rule_U_Dont I_Rule_U_Dont May 15, 2007 Angelica F. Per.1

  • Avalanches can be caused by a vibration or movement like the voice of a person or the vibration of a train.
  • Also by layers of snow building up and sliding down a mountain.
  • Weather conditions like wind and rain can cause avalanches to fall down like a landslide.
- rmarjory_12_frost rmarjory_12_frost May 11, 2007 Marjory R. Per. 1

First it's quiet, then all of a sudden, there's a shake, and snow is barrolling down the mountain. It destroys
anything and everything in it's path.- sammajamma sammajamma May 17, 2007