The effects of Avalanches are:
  • loss of life
  • Damage of Property
  • Disrupt transportation corridors.
During severe weather avalanches has effects on closing mountains and if they hear a rumbling sound in the mountains they think its a warning from an avalanche.
- rmarjory_12_frost rmarjory_12_frost May 11, 2007 Marjory R. Per. 1

After an avalanche the effects are the loss of life, which means a person caught in an avalanche can die. An avalanche can also destroy property. Sometimes an avalanche can bury houses and building under the snow. An avalanche can destroy highways or other ways of transportation. Many people may be stuck in there town or where they are if they can't find a road.
- I_Rule_U_Dont I_Rule_U_Dont May 17, 2007 Angelica F. Per. 1

After an avalanche happens, the effects can be defestating. People can be injured or even killed. A lot of
homes are destroyed in avalanches. Most people don't survive. - sammajamma sammajamma May 17, 2007