Avalanche History

One avalanche to hit and kill more than 100 people was on May 31, 1970. This avalanche was caused by the Ancash Earthquake. This avalanche started from Huascaran (mountain in Yungay-Cordillera Blanca, west of Andes) all the way to the town of Yungay. It caused the destruction of the town of Yungay. The avalanche also killed at least 18,000 people.
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An avavlanche that happened in the past is called the Montroc Avalanche. This happened in Chamonix, France. It killed about 90 people and destroyed 14 buildings. It happened at 2:40p.m. on February 9, 1999 and traveled 60 mph (miles per hour). This avalanche was seen over and over again because it kept happening. The first time this happened was because a bomb had been dropped on the area.
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An Avalanche in slow motion.
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An avalanche is a danderous situation when it appears. The avalanche is very powerful, it can destroy entire towns, and kill many people. The avalanche is when the snow from the mountains fall when there is an earthquake or a loud noise. Anything in it's path can and will be destroyed. The place that has the most avalanches is big bear, canada, and anywhere else that has snow. Avalanches have a soft part or sometimes a hard part when it has a hard part it takes longer for a avalanche to appear.

avalanche.jpgjennifermedina -per.3 An avalanche is a very dangerous natural disaster. Like this one this was a big avalanche that was caused by snow that slid down the hill. this avalanche killed a lot of some trees.