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This is what it would look like before it started. Then a
lot of things can trigger this fire. Like we can trigger it
by taking a drive. Then a careless person can drop a
cigarette. So there we have a wildfire. - harutakaflipsy harutakaflipsy Jun 6, 2007

All of this can be burned down by a wildfire within minutes. Someone could go camping and forget to turn of all lighters or something with a flame. Also nature can bring lightning can strike any time making a spark right at the trees. - justin-hwang justin-hwang May 17, 2007

The wildfire is caused by humans and sometimes nature. Most of the times it is
caused by humans. All a wildfire needs to start is some oxygen and fuel. It can
spread really fast and can cause lots of damages.- justin-hwang justin-hwang May 17, 2007

This is picture is when a forest looks like when it wasn't on fire. -- aortiz aortiz May 17, 2007

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As you can see there is a high average of wildfires a year. Some are caused by people and others are cause naturally. For instance lightning. Wildfires are the most popular fires around because all they need is a start, oxygen, and fuel. They can also spread really fast. -- JERRYBRVS7 JERRYBRVS7 May 17, 2007period1