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- animegirl animegirl May 17, 2007 - myrna gonzalez period1
Volcanoes form when magma ( liquid rock inside the earth ) reaches the surfce. Depending on the type and durationn of the eruption lava and/or tephra can pile up to make a volcano. This happens when two tectonic plates meet and one goes under the other. Then magma comes up through the vent and that makes the volcanoe erupt. Once it has erupted, the magma is called lava. So the cuases of volcanoes are the tectonic plates subducting.

- Conor2 Conor2 May 3, 2007
Volcanoes are caused When too much pressure
has built up. It will sometimes ooze out but other
times it burst like a cannon. When it oozes people
have time escape. When it bursts it will kill almost
everything just like Pompei.

- steph7 steph7 May 3, 2007Stephanie Preciado period3
Volcanoes are all around the world. They cause when the
magma pressue builds up.Then the lava comes out and cools
or it goes all around. Volcanoes can happen anywhere when the
magma builds up and the lava is very deadly and maby people die
from volcanoe eruptions every year. Volcanoes can also help cause
many other natural disaters like tsunami's and sometimes earthquakes.


- AxRamirez AxRamirez May 3, 2007
Volcanoes erupt when two plates push together
and one plate slides beneath the other. This is
what is called a subduction zone.When the plate
is under is deep enough the mantle some rock
on the plate melts and forms magma that can
move up and erupt at the Earth's surface.
- Alma R. Period 1