We live in the Chaparral!! Take your own pictures of the landscape and post them here!!

Picture I took while riding my bike. ~ Ms. Chambers
El chaparral is the biome that we live in. With big high mountains and nice green bushy vegetation. There are many droughts and fires that happen in the chaparral. That’s why the chaparral is a dangerous place to live. So many cute animals that are in danger cause of the fires. Many valleys lay next to the mountains in the chaparral. Were there are many people, animals, and buildings.

California Chaparral
- Marjory R. Per. 1

it has hills, and valleys.
the hills are covered with animals, poeple, and plants.
the chapperal in southern california is perdect for growing oranges.

external image scan0004.jpg- ska13 ska13 May 2, 2007

Alexia M. Period 2

external image image002.gifThis is the chaparral and this is all dry land and all this dry land is very hazardous of fires. There are also many hills. The fire marshall tell people that they have to clear off all of the dry bushes. Because there house may go on fire.Thats why the chaparral has so many fires.- gerardo p. peiod1

the caparelis very hot and dry so it is easy to starta forest fire. There are many mountens and hills and litte rain so there are alot of drouts. if there is rain there might be a land slide.

before and after of a mudslide
The farmers clear the land of trees so insects don't live there and destroy the crops. They burn the grass so they can plant new crops and other things. When it rains there is no grass to absorb the water. Since the dirt cannot absorb the water as well as the grass the dirt turns to mud and slowly moves downhill. It goes downhill taking down anything in its path. - jphillips2 jphillips2 May 12, 2007